Things to Consider when Installing Windows in your Garage

Adding windows to your garage doors can provide both functionality and aesthetics to the design of your garage. However, it’s first important to determine your needs and requirements before making your choice. Here is what you will need to consider…  

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Why you would need windows in your garage door?

Adding windows to your garage doors can have a number of implications and advantages. You may want windows in order to have more natural light coming in. You may not have any other form of windows on the walls or ceiling, so garage windows are the ideal solution.

Although you might want additional natural lighting, you may be worried about security and the added risk that windows can pose. You may want to consider placing windows in the top section only, out of visible site allowing you to keep your belongings safe but still allow natural light to come in.

Additionally, you may be thinking about garage windows to add balance to your property and balance them with the rest of your home. Whatever your contributing factors, there a few considerations before fitting the windows in.

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Material and quality

The material that your garage door is made out of, will determine what kind of window you will need to have fitted. It’s also important to note that adding windows to your garage doors can have a negative effect on the insulation of the doors, so make sure that you install windows that are designed for insulation. Opt for sealed or thermal double panes instead of a single pane to reduce the amount of cold air coming in.

Ensure windows are made with real glass and not acrylic which scratches more easily. Make sure you take your existing windows into account. If your garage door windows don’t complement the design of your existing ones, then they will look out of place next to your house. And with so many options on offer, the different types of glass for you to choose from can pose a difficult decision. Choices can include tinted or frosted glass, which is good for added security, while still letting in that precious natural light.

Note that windows can be fitted in any section of the garage door, without affecting its construction and is down to personal preference and individual taste.

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Set a budget and stick to it

It’s important when undergoing any new project to set yourself a budget and know your limitations. Gather all the information that you can about the price of the windows and door. Traditionally the cost of the windows will be between 25% and 50% of the price of the door.

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Further help

If you are looking to add windows to your garage door or are in need of a new, high-quality bespoke door, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can also head over to our garage doors page to see all the options we have available.


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