Making Your Garage Pet Friendly

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Getting a pet can bring a lot of joy to all the family, so it is no wonder that over half the UK population has a pet at home. Often, the main consideration when bringing a pet into the home is whether or not there is enough space for it to roam, that’s why – with a few of the following improvements – your garage can make an ideal space for your pet to call home!      


A fresh start for you and your pet

First, tidying up, clearing out any unwanted items and cleaning your garage will straight away make it more pleasant for your pet. This also has the added benefit of getting rid of your old, worn and unused items. These could be given to charity or sold on. While your garage is a great place for storing your tools, these can present a danger to pets. By removing unwanted items you will make your garage more spacious and may even be surprised by just how much space those items were taking up. Having enough space becomes even more of a priority when you have a puppy that will soon quickly grow-up to several times its current size.


Making a garage a home


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If your garage looks quite dark and unwelcoming then decorating it with neutral colours will make a huge difference to the surroundings. Controlling the garage’s temperature will also be important, otherwise it could get too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. For this, there is a possibility for every budget, from installing air conditioning and a heating system to using a portable fan or heater.          

There may be some very specific things that your breed of pet needs, getting expert advice will save you from having doubts. Of course, you must make sure that the garage is adapted to both you and your pet. Making easy access for your pet to move in and out of the garage whenever they please and making sure that it not possible for them to accidentally lock themselves in.


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You may find that many, if not all the aspects of modifying your garage for your pets will also benefit you and your family. We do however warn you that with such pleasant surroundings, Fido may not want to go for walkies in such a hurry anymore!


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If you have any questions about your garage or are looking to make improvements then please do not hesitate to contact us.     

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