5 of the World’s Most Amazing Garages

Having a convertible or a classic car in your garage is a dream for many. The following five people have made this dream a reality, and taken it one step further – or should that be 200 vehicles further!

Emirates National Auto Museum

United Arab Emirates royal Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan al-Nahyan’s car collection is so large that it has been turned into a museum. There are over 200 vehicles on display in the pyramid shaped garage some 45 miles from Abu Dhabi, including a Russian World War II tank and the world’s largest Dodge jeep, which is taller than a three storey building. Known as the Rainbow Sheikh due to his collection of different coloured Mercedes-Benz, al-Nahyan often takes his incredible vehicles out for a spin on special occasions.  

Garage with worlds biggest jeep


The Big Dog Garage

With a collection of over 280 cars and motorcycles, there is no doubting comedian and ex-talk show host Jay Leno’s petrolhead credentials. His 17,000 square foot Big Dog garage can be found at his South California home. The colossal garage is home to vehicles old and new, including a couple of McLarens and a one-of-a-kind EcoJet that the comedian helped design. So immense is his car collection that it has spawned its own TV series, which has so far had three seasons, aptly named Jay Leno’s Garage.

Garage with row of classic sports cars


The ultimate D.A.D. Garage

When fashion designer Ralph Lauren’s car collection reached 60 he decided that he needed one large area to store them all. The garage, named D.A.D. after his children’s initials; David, Andrew and Dylan, is a converted car dealership in Westchester, New York, designed by the company’s interior designer Alfredo Paredes. The floor is black and the cars rest on white stainless steel plinths under bright halogen lights, as if they were in a museum. The garage is split over two floors and includes 11 Ferraris, 5 Jaguars and 3 Bugattis.

Ralph Lauren With Ferraris


Porsche Heaven

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is known for his love of Porsches; at one point in time his New York garage had 46 of them. Hidden away down a Manhattan side street, the garage’s plain façade is easily overlooked, but behind its door is an elevator that takes you down to a subterranean three-floor garage. The 844 square foot Porsche heaven includes a club room with billiard table, a kitchen, a bathroom and an office. The comedian can even check the condition of his cars and garage on his phone, and if there are any problems he’s not far away – as he lives just three blocks down the road. Some of his vast collection can be seen in his hit show ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’.

American street with modest garage door



Saturday Night Fever star John Travolta is perhaps the world’s most famous qualified pilot; he has five aircraft of his own, and the garage attached to his mansion is large enough to store a jet, a Boeing 707, the support vehicles of both, and space for more than 15 cars. There’s also a 1.4 mile runway leading to the garage should he want to take one of his planes out for a spin. Travolta’s flying credentials are such that in 2002, Australian airline Qantas made him their Global Brand Ambassador.

John Travolta's house with planes parked outside


They may all have different preferences on how to get from A to B, but what they all have in common are garages that are every motor enthusiasts dream! What’s in your garage?

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